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The elderly need special attention and care. Due to old age, seniors are not as capable of doing things as before. That’s why senior communities need to address the needs of the elderly effectively. More importantly, these facilities must have a living environment accessible and friendly to seniors

It takes a particular type of construction management or consulting firm to oversee the senior living communities’ development because of their needs. Through specialized construction management, senior communities can create living spaces that seniors can enjoy—regardless of age or capability. 

Let’s take a look at some of the unique things that a specialized construction management services can bring to senior communities: 

Accessibility for Disabled Seniors

Seniors who cannot walk without particular apparatuses like wheelchairs or crutches need special attention in their living environment. As much as possible, disabled seniors should stay in areas with flat ground. Considering that they can’t use stairs or ramps without assistance, senior homes should ensure that disabled seniors will have everything they need within reach.

Moreover, the rooms of disabled seniors must adapt to their needs. It must be spacious yet accessible. Too much space is also not good as it would be tiring for the elderly to go from one point to another.

Accessibility for Disabled Seniors | Rising Star Properties

Accident Prevention

Slipping or tripping are common accidents for the elderly. They can fall out of balance or neglect to see objects as they walk. To avoid and prevent accidents, senior communities should focus on the design of the household. The flooring should also be anti-slip, especially when it always gets wet. 

There should be railings when needed. The floors’ elevation must gradually increase or decrease so that seniors will not get out of balance. The comfort room should have specially-designed railings, particularly on the toilet or shower area. It will help if the floor tiles must be anti-slip, too. 

Strategic Positioning of Facilities

When looking at a senior community, you need to ensure that all facilities have strategic positions to ensure that the elderly will find it easier to move around. For example, the main living area should be proximate or near the living quarters. However, the living space must be closer to the bedrooms of disabled seniors. Since most seniors will choose to spend their day in the living area, they must exert less effort going to and from their bedrooms.

Moreover, the dining area must be near as well. If most seniors stay in the living room, the dining area must be beside it to be more comfortable for the carers to assemble the seniors during mealtime.

Strategic Positioning of Facilities | Rising Star Properties

Ergonomic Design

For people belonging to the younger population, some home facilities seem typical and ordinary. However, these facilities aren’t usual for seniors. Why? It’s because of the limitations brought by aging. For example, if you think homes with different flooring levels are average, seniors in wheelchairs will have a hard time navigating the living area.

Moreover, common shower room equipment can be challenging for seniors as well. Take, for example, a faucet. It’s effortless to turn a faucet. For seniors with arthritis, twisting faucets will be impossible. That’s why senior communities should use twist-free faucets to keep everything ergonomic.

Responsive Interior Design

Of all the things related to building a senior home, interior design is the most challenging because it involves properly planning furniture. Moreover, you have to know what kind of furniture to place. For example, cabinets should be within reach, wherein it would not take extra effort to access them. Also, it must be easy for seniors to open cabinet doors or pull out drawers. As much as possible, the force required is minimal.

Responsive Interior Design | Rising Star Properties

Specialized Construction Management With Rising Star Properties

The information above is just the tip of the iceberg. If you think that there are many things to remember, you should hire experts instead. At Rising Star Properties, we are ready to help you build a senior community that the elderly will love to call home. 

Our experts know how to make your community home senior-friendly and fully equipped with all the necessary features and amenities so residents can enjoy this next stage of their lives.  

Contact us now and talk to us about your next senior living facility project. 

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