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Are you planning to construct a home, office building, apartment, or retirement community? Do you have any idea who the right people for the senior living construction projects are? If your answer is “yes,” then the next question is, do you know the difference between their specific roles and responsibilities?

In making a construction project possible, a general contractor is one of the key persons. This blog will focus more on acquainting ourselves on what jobs are covered by a general contractor.  

Typically, the responsibility of a general contractor is overseeing the construction site daily. It includes managing and communicating to all project personnel and the client before, during, and after the construction project. They enter into a prime contract with the client.

The project engineer or the architect is primarily in charge of hiring a senior living general contractor on the client’s behalf.


General contractors are in charge of the holistic and comprehensive coordination of the construction project. They may also perform the functions of a foreman and building designer. Among the personnel involved in the construction project, the following are in close coordination with the general manager:

1. Builders

2. Site manager

4. Construction material suppliers

5. Plumbers

6. Electricians

Responsibilities Covered by a General Contractor

The responsibility of a general contractor at the preliminary phase of the project are the following:

  1. Assesses the documents involved, such as the proposal, pricing, and bidding;
  2. Visits the construction site for initial assessment and to have a more competent understanding of the construction project;
  3. Surveys the construction site;
  4. Submits a proposal for the cost estimates and supplemental budget;
  5. Considers the cost of materials, equipment, and labor;
  6. Creates a project by coordinating with the project engineers and architects;
  7. Sets the timeline of the project;
  8. Executes a Contract of Service; and
  9. Secures the necessary building and construction permits from the concerned government agencies.

At the commencement of the project, the general contractor covers the following tasks:

  1. Provides the workforce, equipment, and materials, including vehicles and engineering tools;
  2. Hires a specialized subcontractor to carry out some aspects and phases of the construction projects (take note that hiring a subcontractor must have an expressed consent by the client);
  3. If a general contractor hires a subcontractor, they become accountable for the quality of service and work rendered by the subcontractor;
  4. Oversees the work performance of the subcontractors;
  5. Ensures everyones safety in the construction site;
  6. Manages all construction personnel;
  7. Monitors the budgetary requirements of the project;
  8. Keeps a record book for the general goings-on of the project.

There you go. You now have an overview of the duties and responsibilities covered by a general contractor. Their role in the success of the construction project is essential. Thus, you must hire a general contractor who can deliver excellent results. Hire only licensed and accredited by your state to experience the benefits of professional construction management.

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