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Construction projects entail several responsibilities. It often involves various fields, including architecture, engineering, public works, and city planning. Adhering to the construction rules and regulations ensure that everything gets completed on time.

But first, what is construction management?

When you hear people say construction management, they are referring to a project management service. This service includes managing resources throughout the building process. Construction management companies are responsible for controlling the schedule and the budget. Their role also includes checking the quality of the materials used. 

Aside from the project’s scope, there are various construction types wherein the work scope may also differ. 

  1. Residential Construction/Renovation
  2. Commercial/Institutional Construction/Renovation
  3. Heavy Industrial Construction
  4. Engineering Construction

Most construction management firms have experience supervising these types of projects and they know the requirements of each type of project. 

Hiring a project manager will surely spare you from the headache caused by the numerous requirements and tasks building construction requires. Once you hire a Construction Project Manager, he or she will lighten your load by taking care of the following: 

  1. Creating a schedule and timetable.
  2. Formulating budget and negotiating project costs. 
  3. Finding out which processes are apt for the project. 
  4. Open communication between clients and contractors about the progress and budget.
  5. Leading and supervising staff and contractors and make sure all inclusions in the contract are met.

The Phases Of Construction Management

The Phases Of Construction Management | Rising Star Properties

There are several things that you need to consider when doing construction projects. You need to tick off each step on the list when you complete it. These are the general steps you need to take to have a successful and organized construction management project:


As business owners, you might already have a design in mind. Architects will make that design into reality. However, it’s up to the project manager to ensure the architecture meets the city codes and building regulations. 

  1. Conceptualization

Conceptualization is the step where you need to write down your objectives and goals. Additionally, you also need to include each floor’s details. It is also crucial to know the floor plan, room size, colors, and textures. You need to consider the elevations and other information too.

  1. Design and Development 

After coming up with the building’s skeletal plan, the next step is to discuss the project’s materials. From here, you might need to refine your previous plans as the team starts preparing the materials. 

  1. Administrative Work 

Once the contract documents are in order, bidding for the contractor starts. 


  1. Assign a project manager 

You need to complete the initial plans and hire the right contractors. Once it’s complete, a construction management firm assigns a project manager to you. Your manager will handle the supervision during the duration of the project. 

  1. Knowing the staff

It is the manager’s responsibility to know all the employees working on the project. Another supervisor will be in charge of the material’s delivery schedule. He/she will also help track onsite activities. 

  1. Site Inspection

The manager should ensure that the site is ready for construction. It’s also essential to address any environmental issues. 


Purchasing materials is essential. The contractors are the ones responsible for this. However, it’s the manager who’ll still have the final approval. When purchasing the materials, you need to guarantee their quality. At the same time, you need to ensure that the cost is within the budget. 


  1. Before construction begins, it’s best to have a final meeting about it. Doing so will help align the budget, schedule, materials, and other details together.
  1. Ensure the project meets all the processes, city rules and regulations, and contract.

Sometimes, people feel like they can do everything. In reality, however, construction development can be very intricate. Doing things on your own can have severe consequences, so it’s best to leave your construction project to professionals. 

Remember, this isn’t a simple project. You must follow all city building codes and construction regulations at all times. Doing so ensures that you won’t break any protocols and have some serious delays. It’s essential to get the necessary building permits too. 

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