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The growing uptick in the demand for senior living facilities is gradually giving way to a rise in unique architectural designs and amenities. Because of the unique lifestyle requirements of older adults, senior housing developers must work based on the biggest trends in senior living designs, as well as provide the most important types of spaces that seniors expect

Let’s look at the top three important spaces and designs that must be included in a senior housing community: 

1. Safe and comfy living spaces

Safe and comfy living spaces | Rising Star Properties

Safety is always a paramount concern when it comes to senior housing, as is comfort. Most seniors, especially those that prefer an independent lifestyle want to live in a place where they feel completely comfortable to move around, engage in their favorite activities, and simply enjoy their retirement years.

The key to designing safe and comfy living spaces is to build with flexibility in mind. In fact, developers looking to save on building costs, or expand in the future must prioritize flexible spaces. Some options include movable walls to enhance or restrict movement, multi-purpose rooms, and fully-equipped spaces that make everyday living much easier for residents. 

Of course, each living space must also feature the usual senior housing requirements — spacious rooms, kitchens or kitchenettes, wide, open walkways, easy access bathrooms and toilets, and so on.  

2. On-site care and recreational facilities 

On-site care and recreational facilities | Rising Star Properties

There are many kinds of spaces that fall under this category — events halls, gardens, spas, gyms, lounges, bars, outdoor cooking areas, etc. Basically, senior living communities must have spaces where residents can stay physically active, mentally engaged, and pursue their various interests without having to leave the area. 

Mobility is a big deal among seniors and if they are to truly enjoy living in the community, these recreational spaces must be within walking distance to their accommodation areas. Residents and their families can even rent out some of these rooms or halls to host an event or celebrate their birthdays. In turn, this option can provide additional income for the community. 

On-site medical facilities are also extremely important. Though not always available, especially in independent retirement communities, having a dedicated clinic on-site is a unique selling point in the senior housing development industry. 

3. Dedicated Staff-Only Spaces

Dedicated Staff-Only Spaces | Rising Star Properties

Caregiver burnout is a real problem and one of the best ways to combat it is to provide caregivers and other staff their own dedicated spaces within the community. Senior living construction experts must focus not just on designing a community that improves the lives of senior residents, but also the lives of the people taking care of these residents. 

By giving staff their own kitchens, lounges, and rest areas, they are better equipped to provide required service and assistance to residents. When caregiver fatigue sets in and is left unchecked, it ultimately leads to decreased quality of care and higher staff turnover. 

Many senior living communities even include classrooms for staff to allow for continuing education on the changing needs of older adults. 

What does this mean for senior housing investors? 

Given the rise in demand for luxury senior living, developers must ensure that they are creating safe, beautiful, and easily accessible spaces within the communities. This is the only way such a community will continue to grow, which in turn, means better returns on your investment. 

At Rising Star Properties, these crucial considerations are at the heart of our approach to every senior housing construction project. We focus on maximizing spaces to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience to residents, as well as build a stellar reputation for our senior living communities, the kind that will have you tapping into the serious profit potential of the industry for years to come. 
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