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Construction jobs are easier said than done. There are several factors to think of, such as budget, time, and overseeing the work. Many prefer to supervise the construction themselves. But hiring a construction management company may be better. But what is it really, and why should you hire one for your construction needs?

What Is Construction Management?

A construction management company provides its clients with an effective management plan. This will include the design, scope, quality, cost, and more. A construction manager oversees the work, and he/she will be in constant communication with the client too.

What does a construction manager do? The construction manager will work with the client during the design stage until the end of the project. Construction managers will check the work of the general contractor to see if they are following the timeline. They are the ones who will create the timeline of the project.

Construction Manager or General Contractor?

What is the difference between a construction manager vs general contractor? Some people assume that these two are the same. But, are you wondering, “what do construction managers do?” As explained above, construction managers are the ones who deal with the clients right from the start. They are the ones who create a timeline of the project, which includes cost, scope, and contractors for the job.

A general contractor is the one who oversees the day-to-day activities on site. They are the ones who will look at the design of the project and create an estimate for it. The construction manager will add their fee to the forecast before showing it to the client. If the client approves, the construction begins. Again, the general contractor will be on the ground to oversee the work.

Importance of Project Management in Construction | Rising Star Properties

Importance of Project Management in Construction

It is not only about finding ways to fund the construction project that you should prioritize. You also need to determine the length of the construction itself. You have to think of the labor and materials, permits, and more. There are several reasons why project management is important in any construction project.

Improves Efficiency

What is a construction manager, and why is it important? A construction manager helps in creating a timeline for the project. They are the ones who present it to the client. He or she works with the client and the general contractor throughout the length of the project. A project management plan ensures that the flow of the work goes well to meet the desired date.

Facilitates Better Communication

Project management is vital during construction because it helps with communication. The construction manager bridges the gap between the client and the general contractor. They ensure that everyone is on the same page to meet the timeline indicated on the project.


Regardless of how big or small the construction project is, accountability is essential. A project management plan tells contractors the duration of their work. If they do not meet deadlines, it can affect the workflow and the company may get penalized for it.

Questions to Consider When Hiring a Construction Management Company

Construction management companies number in the dozens. Most of them will vie for your project. So it can be tough to narrow down your options. But how will you choose one? There are a few questions that you can start with like the ones below.

What experiences and resources do you have?

Reputation is everything when it comes to construction. Ask the construction management company about their history. It will help if they have a portfolio to present to you. You can also reach out to their former clients to know how they work with their clients.

Who will work on my project?

A construction management company relies on the expertise and experience of its employees. You can ask them who will oversee your project and their background too. It is a good idea to have the team who will work on your construction project present during the meeting. This way, you will get to meet them in person and assess them right from the start.

What is the level of your involvement in the project?

The bulk of the construction project will fall on the lap of the construction manager. But you should also ask the level of your involvement while the project is ongoing. Talk to the construction manager about what your role will be, what decisions you will make, and so on. You can use this to compare construction management companies. This way, you will see which ones offer what you need.

What kind of communication should you expect from them?

Communication is a two-way street. It is important that you know the level of communication your construction manager can provide for the project. You need to make it a point to tell the construction management company to keep you updated at all times. Take note that there are challenges in construction to watch out for. Having an open line between you and the construction manager can help. This way, you can deal with the problems before they become worse.

Get Your Construction on the Right Track | Rising Star Properties

Get Your Construction on the Right Track

A construction project can help increase the value of your property. For it to be successful, it is better to leave the management to the experts. Rising Star Properties have experts who can oversee the work for you. We guarantee that we will be in close contact with you from start to finish.

Don’t let your construction job drag too long. Let Rising Star Properties help build a better project management plan to get your work done on time. Ring us up at (386) 316-9218 for inquiries. Send us what you want via email at info@risingstarflorida.com, and we’ll get back to you. Time to get your construction on the right track with Rising Star Properties!

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