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Whether you’re a homeowner looking to build your dream home or a business owner with plans to expand your business, you need a good construction company.

The construction industry took a severe hit last year due to COVID, but it quickly bounced back and is as robust as ever. In the US, the value of new construction projects reached $1.36 trillion in 2020. It’s an incredible number considering the challenges caused by the pandemic, rallies and riots, and the social unrest caused by the presidential elections. The construction industry will likely do better this year. If you’re looking to have your property developed, you’ll need the different construction development services offered by an established general contractor.

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Top Reasons to Use Professional Construction Company

They’ll see the project to the end. Design-build construction firms can give you the whole package. They can come up with a design based on your specifications, and then they’ll handle the costing, permits, construction, and cleanup.

You’ll receive the best advice. Homeowners will come up with thousands of questions and concerns during the project. A general contractor has the expertise and the technical know-how to answer your questions and give sound advice regarding your worries.

You’ll have less worry and stress.  Hiring a general contractor will make your project run smoothly. The company can take care of the details like ordering supplies or securing permits. You can relax knowing a licensed and experienced contractor is on the job.

They’ll help you stay on budget. Property development can be expensive. Unforeseen problems and unexpected expenses can crop up and ruin your budget. A reliable construction firm will do its best to keep to your budget. They can find alternative materials, cut down on workers, or even give you suggestions on how to stay on track financially. 

Understanding the Different Construction Development Services

Most people think construction companies only do the actual building of a residence, facility, building, or complex. While that might be the main selling point, there are several design-build construction processes that contractors offer, such as:

Pre-Construction Design and Estimating

As the name implies, it is a service offered before the actual construction. The service scope varies per company, but it most commonly includes client meetings to hash out the design, schedule, and budget.

The client works closely with the design team to develop the building plans and estimate supply costs. The general contractor and the construction manager will also get involved in drawing up the schedule, manpower requirements, and projected budget. Communication is crucial here to ensure the project goes off without a hitch.

Design and Build Development

Once the client has finally settled on a clear vision and design, the design phase can commence. The architect or designer will provide a schematic design for initial approval and help the team make the necessary checks and investigations. 

When the design is finalized, the construction document phase can start. This stage is when the technical drawings are complete, and permits for the project are secured. Once everything’s ready, the construction begins.

Construction Management

Project management in construction is a key service that many design-build companies offer. As implied, it’s the process of overseeing a construction project. The owner can decide to have the general contractor handle everything or have both a contractor and a construction manager.

What is a construction manager? Construction managers will manage and lead the project from start to finish.  They’re tasked with setting the construction schedule and checking that it’s followed. They also monitor finances, oversee workers, and ensure the workplace is safe. The project architect can work as a CM, or the company can tap a whole team of designers and engineers to handle this task. Unlike the general contractor, a CM doesn’t have to be down at the site every day.

Risk Mitigation

Risk mitigation can also be included in the different construction development services. Construction comes with a lot of risks, and using this service can mean the difference between saving money, earning a profit, and having your project completed on time.

The company will assess the risks that the project might face and will try to head it off at the pass. One way of doing this is to brainstorm with the stakeholder and the project team to identify potential problems. The design-build company can also vet potential suppliers or partners before the project starts.

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One Last Thing

Assisted living construction is not easy. That’s why you need Rising Star Florida’s expertise. We are one of the most trusted construction firms in Florida. 

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