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Senior living facilities are trending these days. Construction companies are seeing the value of building these communities to support the growing elderly population. There are different types of senior living facilities today. But they often fall into either of these categories. The first one is the residential type, and the second is a community-based facility. These two help seniors feel more empowered with their surroundings.

Choosing the right land for your senior living construction project is complex. The location and layout of the land can make or break your senior living construction plans. But first, let’s discuss what assisted living is.

What Is Assisted Living? 

Assisted living provides long-term housing and care for its guests. This type of facility is home to seniors who are active but require more support. What is the average cost of assisted living? The estimated cost of assisted living is $4,000 per month. Take note that the average cost of assisted living by state will vary.

For those who are wondering, “does medicare pay for assisted living?” The answer is no, but it does cover any medical expenses that seniors need. The need for this type of facility is growing, which is why it is not a bad idea to invest in one these days.

Tips for Choosing the Best Land for Your Senior Living Project

Tips for Choosing the Best Land for Your Senior Living Project | Rising Star Properties

One factor to consider in assisted living construction is where to build it. Finding the best location is easier said than done if you have several options on the table. There are a few things that you need to consider to narrow down your choices.

Test the property

Evaluating the property can help you decide if it is suitable for a senior living facility. If there is an existing structure, you will need to check if it is sturdy and re-usable. You will need to inspect the building from top to bottom and inside and out.


The location of the land should also be a factor in your search. Ask yourself if it is accessible to the main road. How far is it from the nearest hospital? Does it have good ingress and egress for staff and residents? Does it have a curb appeal?

Proximity to Amenities

Residents of assisted living facilities need social interaction. This is one example of senior living tips that you should try to follow. They need facilities where they can engage their mental and physical faculties. This is why you need to consider its proximity to amenities. Think restaurants, spas, gyms, and even sports facilities. If you cannot provide these, you need to factor them in when searching for land. This way, you will be able to cater to your guests’ needs.


You should also consider the community around the available land. Find out the crime rate in the area and what features that it has. These details can be advantageous when you market your new senior living facility.

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Once you have found the best location for your facility, the next thing to consider is the design. Gone are the days when this type of facility looks like an extension of the hospital. Today, seniors want a place that resembles a home with amenities that they can enjoy. It will help if you hire an architect to assist you in building your senior living facility, especially when running out of ideas. The architect can also guide you throughout the design-build construction process.

What is a design-build project? It is a type of construction where a single entity handles the hiring of contractors. The company will be the one to choose which contractor to use for the designing and building of a project. Design-build construction firms more than one at a time so that you never run out of options.

But for those who want to be on-trend, consider the following:

Non-Institutional Look

Residents of these facilities do not want to stay in a location with the look and feel of a hospital setting. You can avoid this by creating spaces that are more conducive to living. Add more open spaces where your guests can exercise outdoors. Or add a lobby where your guests can get together.

Adding Technology

Senior living facilities today are incorporating the use of technology. This is not surprising since the elderly are now learning how to use their gadgets. Integrating technology into your facility is a great idea. This way, you can give your guests the means to communicate with their loved ones too.

Create a Community within a Community

If you are building an assisted living facility, why not create a community within a larger one? This means adding amenities for both residents and non-residents. This helps the seniors interact with others which can help with their mental health.

Build Your Senior Living Facility Now

A senior living facility needs the experience and expertise of a construction firm. You need someone who can provide you with a design build flowchart to know how your project will go. Rising Star Properties can assist you from the design phase all the way to the construction. Our team has several experts in construction, which is why we are confident we can help you out.

We know that construction jobs can cost you a lot of money. That is why we are here to guide you in your construction needs to fit your budget. Find out more about Rising Star Properties and our services by calling us at (386) 316-9218 or (561) 301-3222. Leave us a message at, and we’ll get back to you. Call Rising Star Properties today, and let’s get your senior living construction on the road.

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