Outdoor Spaces for Seniors | Rising Star Properties
Outdoor Spaces for Seniors

The design of outdoor spaces can have an impact on the elderlies’ well-being. Even those who are under assisted living support will need a good outdoor space. Learning how to make outdoor spaces safe will help those who have a senior at home. The same is true if you are working in assisted living facilities. […]

Bathroom Design for Elderly | Rising Star Properties
Bathroom Design for Elderly

Many people believe the bathroom trumps the kitchen as the most important room in the house. You won’t last in a place without a functioning bathroom. It’s the first place you go to when you wake up, and you use it several times a day. One study revealed that you spend 182 hours a year […]

Creating a Safe Senior Living Home

Elders have to decide whether they want to age in place or move to an assisted living facility. What is assisted living? It’s a type of residential facility for individuals who need personal or medical help. These facilities have a home-like ambiance, and residents can choose to live in an apartment, individual room, or shared […]