Indoor Game Ideas for Seniors | Rising Star Properties
Indoor Game Ideas for Seniors

There’s a good chance that once you hit your 40s or 50s, you’ll start thinking of where you want to spend your retirement. Some people will want to age in place, while others will turn to senior living communities. Senior homes and assisted living facilities have changed drastically over the years. The white-washed walls and […]

How Indoor Gardens Help Seniors | Rising Star Properties
How Indoor Gardens Help Seniors

Age doesn’t have to be the reason why someone would give up gardening, and it’s what often happens to a lot of seniors, especially those in senior care communities. However, even those in assisted living can still tend to a garden. What Is Assisted Living?  Assisted living refers to a type of living arrangement wherein […]

What Makes a Good Skilled Nursing Facility | Rising Star Properties
What Makes a Good Skilled Nursing Facility

The population of senior citizens is gradually increasing over the past few years. Statistics show that in the year 2019, the American population is composed of 16.5 percent seniors. In 2020, that population will increase to 16.9 percent. It is projected that by the year 2030, our elders would be 20.6 percent. As a person […]

How Assisted Living Started | Rising Star Properties
How Assisted Living Started

Elderly care used to be a responsibility, but societal and economic changes slowly made it more challenging. In a roundabout way, this was how assisted living started. Our elderly loved ones need the right kind of care and comfort so they can enjoy their sunset years without anxiety. Improvements in health, science, and technology have […]