Differences Between Residential and Commercial Construction | Rising Star Properties
Differences Between Residential and Commercial Construction

The construction industry is a significant part of the economy. It contributes to the economic growth of a country. This sector laid down the important foundations in the development of modern civilization. That’s how vital the construction industry is. Constructing something, especially complex projects, is challenging. You will need advice and knowledge from the professionals. […]

Summer Construction Safety Tips | Rising Star Properties
Summer Construction Safety Tips

With the novel coronavirus spreading worldwide, safety teams are on high alert. Construction sites have already implemented new policies. And with the summer in full swing, that means heat-related illnesses. Summer comes with warm temperatures and long days, but hotter temperatures cause machines to work harder. It stresses components and accelerates wear. When the temperature […]

Hiring a Construction Management Company | Rising Star Properties
Hiring a Construction Management Company

Construction jobs are easier said than done. There are several factors to think of, such as budget, time, and overseeing the work. Many prefer to supervise the construction themselves. But hiring a construction management company may be better. But what is it really, and why should you hire one for your construction needs? What Is […]

Contractor vs. Building Developer | Rising Star Properties
Contractor vs. Building Developer

Building a new home or having your property developed is a serious undertaking. You’ll be sinking in a substantial investment, so you need a good construction team with you. The question now is whether you need a general contractor or a building developer. There have been countless debates about the merits of a contractor vs […]