Who We Are
We are dedicated and true to all of our employees, partners and clients.

In 2003, we founded a consulting firm to serve the needs of the Florida development community. As the organization found widespread appeal in the Central Florida region, general contracting services were added courtesy of our construction executive, Eric Mauger. With hard work and dedication, Eric began specializing in the independent living space.

To date, we’ve delivered 100+ projects -- on time and within budget. We have managed to handle multi-million dollar construction projects and yet, we continue to treat our partners -- clients and staff alike, like family. The same way we started almost 2 decades ago.

More than 80% of our work is for independent living and assisted living facilities. Having found our passion and compassion in this sector, we look forward to building more senior living housing in the future.

Eric F. Mauger

Vice President of Construction
Senior Living Contractors | Ring Star Properties
Our Core Foundation

Our Mission

Building Better Lives for Seniors 


Our Vision

Become the Trusted Senior Living Developer Across the Country


Our Values

Our Principles Shape the Framework of Our Success.

Our Culture

What Sets Us Apart From Others

Our people. They are the lifeblood of our business. Each characteristic they possess brings a unique contribution to the success of every project. It’s not just about the skills, knowledge, or even the tools and technologies we use, but what’s inside of each of us.

Rising Star Properties is all about the heart. We always say it’s the passion and compassion that both fill our hearts that give us the edge when working on a new project, no matter how challenging.
We’re passionate about being connected with the communities we have served and will serve. No matter the size, we don’t treat our work as just ‘another project’ but rather as another home to build. A place for new adventures, exciting memories, and heartwarming stories.  We’re compassionate about senior living. We desire that all seniors experience life without worries. We care for their well-being and safety and we want that to show in each corner that we build for them.  We also show these values towards our people by

Our Team
Our Motivated Team

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Senior Living Construction Companies | Rising Star Properties
Community Involvement
Our Corporate Social Responsibility
We build more than buildings and communities, we build relationships. We are honored to steward the resources entrusted to us by paying it forward through community service.  With Eric’s leadership, Rising Star Properties is highly involved in community-centered initiatives including activities of Habitat for Humanity  
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Our purpose is to transform properties into senior living communities that provide a safe, healthy, and dignified lifestyle to seniors. Banking on our skills, experience, and dedication, we create environments that foster relationships, hope, and love within the community.

Senior Living Housing | Ring Star Properties

We seek out partners who share the same mission, passion, and compassion towards senior living. We commit ourselves to provide the best construction, management, and development solutions for continuing care retirement communities.

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Our core values shape how each of our staff conducts business in and out of the project site. These values are the core foundation of our accomplishments and will continue to guide us as we strive for future success.

Integrity – Honest and transparent dealings with partners
Excellence – Deliver outstanding quality on time and on budget.
Safety – Ensures a safe, secure, and healthy environment for everyone.
Innovation – Continue to bring creative solutions to every project.
Relationships – Build better relationships with our people, partners, clients, and the community we serve.