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Are you planning on moving to Florida? Perhaps you recently purchased an empty lot there for your new home? When building a home in any state, you should comply with specific laws, building requirements, and many more. It’s not any different in Florida. 

In addition to the legal stuff, there are considerations to keep in mind when building a home in Florida. Most first-time homeowners are unaware of these considerations and go on to make expensive mistakes. 

Not to worry. This article will walk you through some essential things to consider when building your new abode in the Sunshine State. Let’s get to it.

Florida home construction project | Rising Star Properties

1) Check If Your Area Is in a Flood Zone

Florida is no stranger to storms. It is a low elevation state that can be prone to flooding. However, that doesn’t mean that living in Florida is already a bad idea. The state requires houses to be aligned with sea level. Authorities are strict about this. The first floor of your home must be at least sea level.

Flood zones differ across Florida, so you need to ask local authorities or agencies about your area’s flood zone. Moreover, if you have a contractor, they must already know the flood zone level of your house’s locations.

2) Purchase Construction Products With a Florida Approval Number

As mentioned above, storms and hurricanes happen in Florida. Starting June 1 to November 31 is usually the hurricane season. If you’re moving to Florida within these dates, you may consider postponing the construction until the end of the hurricane season. Inclement weather can delay construction time.

Given that hurricanes are expected in this area, Florida requires you to use products with a Florida Approval Number. This approval means that these construction materials can withstand hurricanes with Category 5 winds. Windows, roofs, and doors with this approval can also sustain low-missile impacts and flying debris.

3) Consult the Homeowners Association for Specific Requirements

Here’s the tricky part. Many homebuyers or lot owners miss the homeowners association (HOA) guidelines. Before closing the sale, you must obtain a copy of HOA guidelines to check for specific requirements about your home. The HOA may have specific requirements like colors of the house, roofing style, driveway positioning, garage, and many more.

Knowing these beforehand will save you a lot of time. However, you need not worry about this if you have a contractor from Florida. They must know these things before designing your home. Regardless of that, you can still ask the HOA about this because it might affect the architectural design of your home.

4) Keep in Mind That Florida Is a Sunshine State

Florida is not called the Sunshine State for no reason. The abundance of sunlight and its warm temperature make Florida a great place to live or to retire. Your home’s design must match the climate of Florida. For example, since it’s typically warm in Florida, your house must have adequate airways and insulation.

Airways can help reduce indoor temperature while insulation prevents heat from entering your home. Moreover, take advantage of the sunlight and put on more windows or skylights to let the light inside. Using natural light can help you save a lot of money on electricity costs. More so, it has psychological effects that can uplift your mood and motivate you.

5) Make Sure Your Contractor Is Licensed and Insured

Florida is strict about contracts. State laws heavily regulate home builders in Florida, and you should be vigilant when hiring one. Florida requires builders to have a license before accepting clients. In fact, contractors need to have a license before they can fix doors and do minor, aesthetic upgrades. If you’re not sure, visit the local municipality to see if your contractor is licensed.
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