Hiring a Construction Management Company | Rising Star Properties
Hiring a Construction Management Company

Construction jobs are easier said than done. There are several factors to think of, such as budget, time, and overseeing the work. Many prefer to supervise the construction themselves. But hiring a construction management company may be better. But what is it really, and why should you hire one for your construction needs? What Is […]

Florida home construction project | Rising Star Properties
5 Things to Consider Before Building a Home in Florida

Are you planning on moving to Florida? Perhaps you recently purchased an empty lot there for your new home? When building a home in any state, you should comply with specific laws, building requirements, and many more. It’s not any different in Florida.  In addition to the legal stuff, there are considerations to keep in […]

Do I Really Need a General Contractor | Rising Star Properties
Do I Really Need a General Contractor?

Homeowners often consider revamping their space. It may be that you want to change the way the room looks. Or you might be thinking of selling your home. Whatever your reason for wanting to upgrade your home is, you’ll need someone to oversee the work. You might be thinking, “Do I really need a general […]

When Is It Time to Repaint Your Interior Spaces | Rising Star Properties
When Is It Time to Repaint Your Interior Spaces?

Painting our interior spaces may sometimes be the last thing on our minds when we’re thinking of revamping the insides of our homes. Yet painting the house’s interior walls can have a profound effect, just as remodeling and buying new furniture does. However, when the idea of repainting the house’s interior crosses homeowners’ minds every […]