Outdoor Spaces for Seniors | Rising Star Properties
Outdoor Spaces for Seniors

The design of outdoor spaces can have an impact on the elderlies’ well-being. Even those who are under assisted living support will need a good outdoor space. Learning how to make outdoor spaces safe will help those who have a senior at home. The same is true if you are working in assisted living facilities. […]

Designing a Nurse Headquarters They Will Love | Rising Star Properties
Designing a Nurse Headquarters They Will Love

Nurses are the unsung and often unappreciated members of the healthcare system. Their job includes taking care of the patients and assisting doctors. They check vital signs and administer medicines.  They are lifesavers, and you can see them in action at hospitals, schools, clinics, and home care settings. More nurses are also working in senior […]

Bathroom Design for Elderly | Rising Star Properties
Bathroom Design for Elderly

Many people believe the bathroom trumps the kitchen as the most important room in the house. You won’t last in a place without a functioning bathroom. It’s the first place you go to when you wake up, and you use it several times a day. One study revealed that you spend 182 hours a year […]

Creating a Safe Senior Living Home

Elders have to decide whether they want to age in place or move to an assisted living facility. What is assisted living? It’s a type of residential facility for individuals who need personal or medical help. These facilities have a home-like ambiance, and residents can choose to live in an apartment, individual room, or shared […]

Contractor vs. Building Developer | Rising Star Properties
Contractor vs. Building Developer

Building a new home or having your property developed is a serious undertaking. You’ll be sinking in a substantial investment, so you need a good construction team with you. The question now is whether you need a general contractor or a building developer. There have been countless debates about the merits of a contractor vs […]

Tips for Designing a New Assisted Living Facility | Rising Star Properties
Tips for Designing a New Assisted Living Facility

The demand for better senior communities and assisted living facilities will soon become a driving force in housing. The National Center for Assisted Living states that more than 800,000 US citizens reside in assisted living facilities. But that number will increase yearly now that Baby Boomers are at their sunset years. Boomers account for 28% […]

Indoor Game Ideas for Seniors | Rising Star Properties
Indoor Game Ideas for Seniors

There’s a good chance that once you hit your 40s or 50s, you’ll start thinking of where you want to spend your retirement. Some people will want to age in place, while others will turn to senior living communities. Senior homes and assisted living facilities have changed drastically over the years. The white-washed walls and […]

How Indoor Gardens Help Seniors | Rising Star Properties
How Indoor Gardens Help Seniors

Age doesn’t have to be the reason why someone would give up gardening, and it’s what often happens to a lot of seniors, especially those in senior care communities. However, even those in assisted living can still tend to a garden. What Is Assisted Living?  Assisted living refers to a type of living arrangement wherein […]